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What’s NEW in 2021 at Jacksonville Women’s Rehab Center

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“When women first enter Jacksonville Women’s Home, they oftentimes feel lost and hopeless, but while in the program they begin to experience God at work in their lives and everything begins to change! When a student comes to surrender to what God is doing in them and realizes her worth and value, we see hope come alive in them. . . sometimes for the very first time! It is a powerful thing, and amazing to witness.”

-Samantha White, Executive Director


Students Share their Stories of Changed Lives through Jacksonville Women’s Campus

Our center became a Teen Challenge location in 2013 and helped teenage girls until 2016 when we transitioned to help adult women.”-Samantha White



ginny“My name is Ginny. When I came to Teen Challenge in September of 2016, I had been in addiction for 23 years. I was broken, lost and ready to stop running. In the year I spent in the program, I came to know God and I allowed Him to heal all of my broken places. I graduated the program as a new woman in Christ. God is using me in the lives of those I encounter to give them hope for themselves, or for their loved one that may be in active addiction. I am grateful to God for the miraculous work that He has done in my life and that I am over 3 years sober. I am also grateful for the opportunity to go through the program of Teen Challenge, it was a safe place for me to be healed and made whole.”



“I was a lost, abused, neglected little girl who was raised in addiction. I became a product of my upbringing, experiencing abuse, addiction, homelessness, and the loss of my beautiful babies in my own adulthood. But God! He brought me to my knees. Desperate and ready, I finally heard God after trying so hard to get my attention. He delivered me from my nightmare, saved my life and soul, and put an immense fire for Him and His children in my spirit. He gave me not just the craving to help those hurting but the testimony to reach His prodigals. He not only used Teen Challenge to save my life for His glory, but He also used them to give me a hope and future so unbelievably full!”



“I love my job! I got complimented today on how I am not stressed under pressure. I have Teen Challenge to thank for teaching me amazing life skills. I don’t have anxiety like I lived with most of my life.”


Jacksonville Women’s Microenterprise Expands!

Products for a Cause! Inspired by Light is about more than just candles and soap. These products are hand-poured by women seeking freedom from addiction. The best part — all proceeds help fund women in recovery at Jacksonville Women’s Rehab Center. Shop today! Check out all of our products available online at Etsy.com/shop/inspiredbylightstore


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